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GOD’s Gift” the Solution to Colds, Flues, Viruses & So Much More!!

Wellness Wednesday Everyone,

Donna here, to discuss with you some of the most amazing discoveries and natural solutions to many health problems. As many of you know, I am back in graduate school on my journey to earning my DR.; Doctor of Natural Medicine. My path has never felt so clear and perfectly aligned with all the things I believe in; studying has never felt so fun.

As I take this journey in natural medicine, it is my pleasure to share with you the amazing health and wellness benefits I discover.

Today I would like to share with you the extraordinary healing power of Nigella sativa (Black Seed, Black Cumin) which has been used in an extremely wide array of traditions from ancient to modern times. Nigella is one of the most esteemed medicinal plants in the world. It is mentioned by the prophet Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible, found in Roman archeological sites. Mohammed said it is good for every ailment except death. This sounds like hyperbole, but as we will see, Nigella acts on both immune excess and deficiency, so it is – within reason – suited to “everything.” In addition, it is one of the most comprehensive of the immune tonics, and it relaxes the vagus nerve or increases the parasympathetic relax/rest/rebuild side of the autonomic nervous system. This makes it an extremely general tonic unless the system is overly relaxed.

Traditional Usage.

The ancient civilizations – Egypt and Mesopotamia – used Nigella seed from an early date as well as the Canaanites, Hebrews, Hittites, and probably all the people in the area. It was believed in Egypt to be useful for the journey in the afterlife (like Life Everlasting).

David Osbourne gives the traditional uses from Greek/Arabic medicine. “The seed is warm, acrid, and mildly savory. Nigella’s therapeutic action and benefits center around four major bodily systems,” explains Osborne: respiratory, digestive, immune, and reproductive. “Other systems that also receive important benefits are the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as the skin and hair. Since these comprise the core systems of the body, it could be argued that Nigella’s therapeutic” properties benefit “just about any part of the body.

Benefits Include:


Scientific studies which seldom speak of natural herbs stated “In our experience, we have found that in vivo treatment with N. sativa oil induces a striking antiviral effect” (Mohamed Saleh’s (2005, 1759) Nigella seems to act more strongly on the T cells, which would be helpful in not only repelling the viral attack but retaining the memory against the same virus in the future.

Respiratory System.

Nigella seed is classified as warming and drying to the lungs. It acts on the immune system, reducing allergic reactions and symptoms that contribute to or complicate these cases. It is suited to hay fever, sore throat, respiratory allergies, and asthmatic cases; viral infection, allergy, and muscular tension can be the precipitating causes. The Somali population in Minnesota used it for coronavirus during the epidemic. I felt it was an essential herb in my own case. It decreases shortness of breath and tension in the lungs.


Nigella also reduces inflammation as an immune modulator and removes mucus from the linings. Osborne recommends it for food allergies since it is beneficial for respiratory allergies. The relaxant effect combines with the warming properties to soothe the stomach. Mucus in the digestive tract is produced by allergies and inflammation; this tends to be removed as these are reduced by the immune modulation in combination with the warming and drying heat of the seed. Appetite improves with digestion.

Intestinal Parasites.

Nigella has been traditionally used as a vermifuge.


In Ayurvedic medicine, Nigella is used to cleanse and normalize the bilious system, “balancing liver and spleen,” choleric and melancholic imbalances.

Cardiovascular System and Kidneys.

Nigella lowers nitrogen, urea, and creatinine in the blood – processing them through the kidneys, reducing edema. It is used for hemorrhaging from the bladder.

Immune System.

Nigella seed is an immune stimulant and an immune modulator. It both feeds and regulates the inflammatory pathway. It also increases metabolic burning, processing, and waste removal. It has the capacity for action in treating chronic inflammatory, allergic, and degenerative diseases, including respiratory and GI irritation, colitis, vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, obesity, and insomnia.

Neuroendocrine System.

Nigella seeds contain two important phytosterols – B-Sitosterol and Stigmasterol – which help to heal and balance the endocrine system. In Ayurvedic Medicine, it is recognized that Nigella has a special beneficial effect on the nervous tissue, having a beneficial effect on the brain, enhancing mental power and concentration. There are testimonials on YouTube

from users stating that one of the first changes they noticed was deeper, sounder sleep. Others noted a decreased susceptibility to stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. There are even testimonials stating that Nigella can lessen the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures (

Female Reproductive System.

The therapeutic benefits of Nigella for treating irregular or suppressed menses and disorders of the female reproductive system are well known and accepted. In A

yurvedic Medicine, Nigella is used to clear away phlegmatic nodules and accumulations from the uterus.

Male Reproductive System.

Some YouTube videos tout the benefits of Nigella in male impotence or erectile dysfunction. The seeds are boiled in a milk decoction. Simply by increasing peripheral circulation, they would potentially increase genital health.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This condition occurs due to excessive immune reaction in the joints. Nigella has proven to be protective to the nervous system, anti-arthritic, and active in rheumatoid arthritic conditions.


Because Nigella heats up the metabolism, it was thought that it would be a remedy for weight loss and therefore, perhaps, for diabetes and preventative in heart disease.


There is much research suggesting the positive use of Nigella as an aid in cancer treatment. Black Seed oil is the standard treatment protocol with conventional cancer treatments in Saudi Arabia.

Sounds Great Right!

Okay so Where to Buy:

You can get the Nigella sativa (Black Seed, Black Cumin) in seeds, oil or capsules.

You can buy the seeds from any health food store or of course Amazon has all three options (seeds, oil, capsules). Always buy Organic.

How to use:

Personally I use the whole seeds; I heat them in a skillet on very low heat for about 10 mins and the grinded in a coffee grinder. Then I put them in a jar and mix them with lots of unpasteurized honey and its ready to go. Take one teaspoon with warm water 1 to 3 times a day (I like to add a drop of almond milk; I would also recommend using a small shot glass so it’s easier to take down). Tastes awful but its magical!

If that sounds too much, you can hit the easy button and get the oil or capsules just follow the directions on the bottle.

As anything goes, to see ultimate results add Nigella Seeds to your daily routine 1 to 3 times a day, consistency is key.

These seeds truly are GOD’s Gift to Man kind as the treat almost every health condition. Enjoy!

To Your Health,


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