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Health Coaching


Coaching is a great way to get clarity, bringing about spontaneous motivation and action. If you think you’re too busy for coaching, think again, as you stand to become less stressed and more effective as a result. Coaching can save time and energy. I offer a variety of options and services. Coaching is coaching no matter what topic you bring. I can work with you on just about any goal, challenge or opportunity – personal or professional. Unlimited email follow-up and support is always included.

Naturally purify your body and get rid of toxins by cleaning and nourishing your body from the INSIDE – OUT.

● Say ‘good bye’ to belly bloat, fatigue, and dry skin.
● Get ready to own a healthy gut: normal poops, less heartburn, less cramps and less gas.
● Feel radiant, empowered, happy and energized throughout the day.


  • 14 Day Mindful Detox Program

  • 3 x 60-minute personalized sessions, before, during and after the detox. I will help customize the program for your specific needs and lifestyle and take the overwhelm out of the process.

  • ADDED VALUE:  1 FREE Pilates Class (Live on ZOOM)

  • Sessions are held LIVE on ZOOM or in studio

Group Sessions Or One on One 

14 Day Detox

So post-detox, I have carried over what I learned and have begun to incorporate it into my life. My family loves the new recipes I have discovered and want to try more! Doing the detox has definitely been a life-changing experience for me – I would certainly do it again. Thank you Donna!


90 Day Mind, Body, Health Total Transformation

The Mind,Body, and Health Total Transformation is a 90-day program for everyone who wants to love their life, make progress on their health, fitness goals and any other area of their life, from a place of empowerment, full expression, love and appreciation.

This program is an opportunity to bust through limiting beliefs about what is possible for your life, and let go of judgements about your body, weight, and physical abilities— so that you can do less dieting and more living.

Let’s face it. You don’t need more advice— you need a coach that can help guide your transformation on a deeper level.

It’s time to train your brain and create new habits. Change your habits, change your Life!

  • Get your bowels moving!

  • Reconnect to your body with mindful eating

  • Eat your way out of sugar addiction

  • Sleep Better

  • Reduce stress

  • Learn how to attract more of what you want in any area of your life!

  • Skyrocket your energy levels because walking around feeling wicked tired is the worst.

  • Strengthen your immune system naturally, so you don’t keep getting that nasty cold over and over.
    … And much more!

Tune into your intuition, have more emotional range, and discover what deeply nourishes you— mind, body and soul.


As your health coach I will both motivate you and hold you accountable. We’ll get clear on your goals together and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials (if you want them!) – because I believe knowledge is power and that change can happen once we really understand WHY?

  • ONE FREE One-on-One DISCOVERY SESSION: This one hour session will help uncover your Real Goals, and see if this program is a good fit for you. (Value $100 Free for a Limited Time). 

  • 12 SPECIALLY-DESIGNED SESSIONS. Weekly, one-hour sessions tailored to your goals. Each meeting will include reflection, discussion, introduction to new materials, and setting up the conditions for inevitable success!

  • PROGRAM MATERIALS. All program materials are hand-picked to inspire you to put your new healthy lifestyle into practice.

  • ACTION-ITEMS. You will leave each session with specific next steps to take. You will be provided with instruction on how to incorporate the recommendations into your life in a way that is maintainable and sustainable.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY. You will be held accountable to implementing the diet and lifestyle recommendations into your life.

  • OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Your time is now. There is no better time than the present to become the person you want to be. You will learn how to live up to your full-potential in all areas of your life.

And to sweeten the deal...

Receive 10 FREE Pilates Classes ($180 Value) to be used during our 90 day mind, body, health total transformation program.

  • 12 x 60 min Group OR one-on-one sessions

  • 90 Day program materials

  • 100% Support & Accountability & Mentoring

  • 10 FREE Pilates Classes ( Value $180 used during the 90 day program)

I am the first to say that the scientific/only see black and white part of my brain was a bit skeptical about Health Coaching when I signed up but I wanted to help a friend pursue something she is very passionate about so I figured why not?  I now write this very humbled; Donna's health coaching has changed my life.  It is now second nature for me to make sure ‘my plate is magical’ and I have great techniques to handle the stress that life can bring.  Health coaching is so much more than just learning what and how to eat, and lose weight (although all have definitely happened).  The additional energy the right combination of food provides you opens up so much more in your life.  My house has never been cleaner or more organized and I have never been more motivated to look after myself and “put myself first”. 

Allison, Kingston

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