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About Us

My Story


I fell in love with health, nutrition, and fitness from a very young age. Never playing sports in school, I was a true academic.  I began my career as an Electrical Engineer in Toronto, and switched jobs every 9 months to a year from company to company hoping to find my passion.  After 7 years and three career changes, I was working in advertising sales.  I felt so unbalanced, unhealthy, full of anxiety, depression and who-knows-what-else. I didn’t think too much about my lower-than-average immune system, anxious dizzy spells, or the fact that my belly was always tangled up in an IBS mess…...inside, I was screaming and reaching out in vain to break free from what had become a vicious cycle?

I knew something had to change.  That’s when I found Pilates; not only did it treat my excruciating neck and shoulder pain, but started to give my life some balance. I knew this was something I had to be involved with for the rest of my life.   I decided to quit my job right after my wedding and moved back to Kingston to follow my passion for Pilates and health and wellness.

I decided to go back to school, and received my Fitness and Health Promotion diploma, and shortly after opened my first Pilates studio innertouch. My studio grew and clientele expanded.  But I knew there was more to health than just fitness and movement. Health and wellness is not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well.  I knew I was still missing something.

I started to see my parents getting older, with different health problems arising including an auto-immune disorder.  I continuously read and researched about and tried it to try to “fix it”.  I realized all the practices I read about and incorporated into our lives like eating the right foods for your body, and doing daily rituals of detoxing and immune strengthen practices really worked.  I saw my parents with renewed hope, feeling more energetic with all their chronic symptoms fading quickly.   I got so excited and knew I had to expand my knowledge and education so that I could bring these healing powers into my clients lives.  I found the certification that best resonated with my thoughts and ideas and pursed my career expansion into Health Coaching.

The integrative approach I use is not just about resolving symptoms; it’s actually about delving in and discovering the root cause of the issue. It’s about making lasting changes. It’s about aging gracefully. It’s about quality of life. And, it’s about optimizing the natural healing mechanisms of the body so you can live this life fully. It’s not about treating symptoms with pills and quick fixes.

I’m a wife who tries to get delicious, real food on the table every night, a mom who steps on Legos, and an entrepreneur who works somewhat odd hours. I get what you’re up against and I’m here to tell you that positive change is entirely, absolutely, 100% within your reach.

Our Vision

To scatter joy and renew hope!

BODY: Imagine your body free of strains and pains, with all its elements re-aligned and enhanced for a balanced and coherent wholeness. Your body is like a set of building blocks that can sometimes slide out of alignment. These blocks can often shift to one side and tilt forward or back, our classes will help restore the body to its optimal alignment. Executing exercise with deliberate focus on form in a slow controlled manner rather than doing multiple repetitions with sloppier form. My goal is to help you become the tallest and strongest version of yourself.

REACH your potential.

MIND: Imagine your mind strengthened and sharpened; freed of pains from worn rusty joints and unconscious yet damaging compensations that routine modern living imposes. Pilates movements and exercises are designed to reset our minds, start fresh thoughts and focus on making the connection with our body. By practicing Pilates we learn to still the mind and to forget the outside world for a moment. During our practice we become aware of our structure from within and appreciate what that structure can do when properly connected with our minds.  Now we are creating connection between the mind and body, recognizing the accomplishment that the two components can achieve. We are now in charge, strong, powerful, and confident. 

BALANCE your life

SOUL: Imagine your soul soothed by an unfolding of our latent potential, towards supple mechanics that improve at any ages revitalized knees, back, and neck that make your sleeping, walking, standing, and sitting more at ease through time.

STRETCH your mind

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