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Revitalize your Body with a Spring Detox

Donna here to talk to you today about how to add a spring to your step as we gear-up into spring mode.

Everything seems possible in spring. It’s the season of hope, of fresh life and new beginnings. It’s also the perfect time to turn over a fresh leaf and embark on a detox plan!

But first of all why is a spring detox so important for our health?

The transition from winter to spring offers an ideal opportunity to clear out waste—whether you’re cleaning house or removing pollutants from the body. During cold weather, metabolic waste and toxins tend to accumulate in joints, organs, and tissues. This snowdrift of buildup comes from a perfect storm of sedentary winter routines, exposure to viruses, overindulgence in rich foods, and holiday stress. Whatever the reason, by early spring, relatively few of us are feeling our absolute best. Undertaking a detox now can change all that, and help put that spring back into your step.

Some critics say that detoxing simply isn’t necessary, that our bodies are designed to detox all by themselves quite naturally. While that is undoubtedly true in an ideal world, sadly, we don’t live in that ideal world. In fact, our modern world is incredibly toxic. We’re regularly assaulted by pollution in the air, in our homes, in the foods we eat and the clothes we wear. Our livestock are treated with drugs; our crops are sprayed with powerful pesticides and fungicides, many of which have unpleasant side effects.

Once you start learning about toxins, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed: Ack! Toxins, toxins, everywhere! No doubt, it is a troubling situation – but don’t panic. Recognize and accept that it is impossible and impractical to avoid every single toxin. Do what you can to avoid the worst and then focus on building up your body’s natural defenses: a strong, well-functioning immune system, good circulation and a powerful elimination system. These combined forces can deal aptly with the majority of nasties. By following the right steps for total-body cleansing, we can align ourselves with seasonal transitions and clear the pathways for vitality to spring forth.

Benefits of a Spring Detox

Depending on your previous level of toxicity, you might be surprised to find a whole array of health problems simply disappear.

  • Bloating, nausea, indigestion and a furred tongue could vanish as your liver gets back to optimum function.

  • Constipation, gas and cramping could be a thing of the past as your intestines return to balance.

  • Frequent colds and flu, tiredness, cellulite, blemishes and puffy eyes could all be banished as your lymphatic system shifts into a higher gear.

  • Clogged sinuses, congestion and nasal drip can disappear when your lungs function properly.

  • Urinary problems could clear up as your kidneys stop overworking and under-functioning.

Cleansing the body helps with all sorts of health problems. Most people who detox experience a marked increase in energy. Often they see a clearer complexion and sparkling eyes. Concentration and mood are improved when you get rid of toxins that may have been affecting brain function and memory. Generally, you can count on feeling much more clear-headed.

Upcoming 14 Day Spring Detox

Unlike some popular cleanses that ask you to undergo dramatic fasts or drink detox teas/ shakes or take other extreme measures; this 14 day natural cleanse is designed to support, instead of shock, your system. Rather than aiming to eliminate toxins at any cost, it gently balances the whole person so that they can detox without destabilizing the body in any way. It is a cleanse that uses nourishing foods, herbs, and self-care techniques to rejuvenate the body rather than simply strip it down.

This cleanse includes a simplified diet full of fresh veggies and fruits, self-massage, dry skin brushing, nasal irrigation, herbs, and meditation/ reflection. During the cleanse, you'll forgo substances and habits that contribute to liver overload—such as processed foods or alcohol—and the unaddressed stress that strains your nervous system. You'll also spend time thinking about what influences you want to keep in your life and what you might want to let go off in order to have space to establish the good habits you need to create the kind of health and vibrancy you want for your life.

Sign Up Today!

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