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Karen Gregg
Kingston, ON
“I write as a health care professional who knows how the body works and moves and what is a good and bad for it.  I have spent lots of dollars on diets and supplements, vitamins and exercise programs that got me to my goals – but always for a short term.Donna’s program is Transformational!
Donna is a gifted coach she is following her dream and loving it – it shows!
Her astuteness, professionalism care and positive attitude enables us to journey together and reach maximum potential. The program deals with our whole self…. It lynches us up so that mind/body/spirit works together. It is enjoyable and empowering.
The great news is that it builds on a progression of small simple steps.  Steps that are basically adjustments or tweaks that we can all live by.  Steps that my body embraced, that delivers results. Steps that I can carry forward and follow through the rest of my life.So this program has no gimmicks or tricks there is no hundreds of extra dollars to be spent on products. We all deserve to try and embrace the healthy life style our bodies crave with this program we can.”
Nina Greene
Kingston, ON
“innertouch Pilates classes are small enough so that Donna can be hands on with each person. I find this very important so I do the correct technique and don’t hurt myself. Working with different equipment and exercises each week keeps my interest. The studio is comfortable, bright and a joy to workout in. Donna is very much the professional and I commend her on leading us all into a healthy lifestyle”
Felicia Iftene
MD, Psychiatry, Providence Care
“I have tried a number of class activities in the last few years, especially yoga, in hopes that it will help improve my mobility, increase strength, and help me lose weight. However, it was very difficult for me to keep at it – very big classes, with very young and fit students, I felt the odd one out. I was so happy when Donna’s mom, my co-worker, suggested I tried Donna’s class. Not only that Donna’s classes are everything all the other classes were not. But they became the highlight of my week – a treat as opposed to a chore. Donna makes me feel welcome and my confidence has increased. They are for sure challenging classes, but I they don’t scare me. There is room for everybody and every body at innertouch. My strength has increased, my flexibility is better, I can do the exercises a bit better each it, and more importantly, I have found classes I can keep to, and a community I want to be part of. Finally, I absolutely lobe Donna. She is the most patient, caring, and knowledgeable educator one can ask for. It is her personality that make these classes such a great and attract a group of such wonderful people. Thank you!”
Adelina Iftene
Last year I moved to Toronto. Mom suggested I joined Donna’s classes when I come visit, so we can do something active together. Initially I was skeptical about it: I do a lot of high intensity interval training, spinning, running, and yoga. Since mom was enjoying Donna’s classes so much, I automatically assumed they may be too easy for me. I reluctantly agreed. But now I am hooked. They are not easy. They are different. I just wished I was in Kingston full time to go more often. Over summer I have been going twice a week in addition to my other work outs and I find they are a perfect combination. In Donna’s classes I find great muscle release from other work outs, but I also find that they add so much to my core strength, stability, and flexibility. Donna’s classes have added so much to my general fitness level. More importantly, I used to get very fatigued towards the end of the week because of my work outs. Now, I don’t anymore and I can even increase the intensity of my other work outs. I believe it is because Donna’s classes help me stretch vigorously and increase my core stability. Donna’s classes should truly be a part of anyone’s life, whether as a main work out (like for mom), or an addition to other work outs, like for myself
Laura Fowler
Kingston, ON
“Since meeting Donna and coming to her classes I have been able to move so much better!! I feel very fortunate to have found Donna.  She makes it very easy to follow.  Her instruction no matter the level you are at.  I don’t know how she does it, but I always feel great after every class.  Thank you Donna!!!”
Michelle Roddy
Kingston, ON
“I’ve just recently had the pleasure of meeting Donna and attending her classes. As someone who lives with RA –exercise can be difficult and limited, but I’ve found that even in a few short weeks I’m seeing an improvement with my strength and flexibility.  With smaller class sizes, Donna is able to focus on each person’s needs and offer options to accommodate those needs as well. Every class is different so no muscle is left untouched! If you are looking for a fun, non-judgemental place to have a total body workout –then innertouch Pilates is the place for you!”
Lisa Tugnette
Kingston, ON
“I am so grateful my friend Laura told me about Donna’s pilates classes!  I had never tried pilates before, but knew I could certainly benefit from strengthening my lower back at age 49.  After just 2 classes, I noticed that my back wasn’t sore after vacuuming and mopping the floors.  After 10 classes and a whole day digging in the flower beds, I could stand up straight and had NO back pain! That’s NEVER happened before! 

 Donna’s passion for pilates and lovely energy is contagious. I appreciate how Donna customizes each class to our needs and shows us ‘modified’ movements when needed. I feel very comfortable and strong in her classes and leave feeling so wonderful: physically and emotionally!  Pilates for life for sure.  Thank you Donna!”

Kathleen Ferguson
Kingston, ON
“I have never taken a Pilates or Yoga class ever before…..a newbie.   Starting in Donna’s classes has been a joy and pleasure.  I am loving the classes and have noticed after half a session that there is a marked difference in my ability to move and an increase in my overall strength and flexibility.” 

Donna is a dream instructor…..always cheerful and willing to explain the reason behind the different exercises and flexible in creating changes when some exercises need adapting for individuals.  I look forward every week to the class which is varied and definitely not boring!  For a beginner in these types of exercises Donna is the best teacher.  I can’t imagine taking the course with anyone else!”

Janet Burkhardt
Kingston, ON
“If you love exercise, you will love Donna and her clear, precise instruction.  Donna loves to share her knowledge.    She truly cares for each of her students and goes above and beyond.  I am extremely grateful that I have found her!!  She is a peach.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I love exercise.  You know that I have been involved in many settings with many different instructors.  I take great pride in saying that Donna is a gem!!  You will love her and you will love her teachings.  If not, let me know.  I will be shocked.”
Hilary Crawford
Kingston, ON
“innertouch is unique for a pilates studio, offering small class sizes which allows the instructor, Donna, the ability to provide individual attention to each student. Donna is an open and energetic instructor who encourages and challenges her students. She skillfully adjusts workouts to the participant’s level of fitness, modifies positions for individuals’ physical ailments, and reacts to the desires of the class, allowing for open communication throughout each session.  Donna makes each class fun and inspirational, and the time seems to fly by!”
Barb Harper
Kingston, ON
“I began my journey with Pilates over 2 years ago in Donna’s studio. I had suffered from sciatica nerve pain for some time and wasn’t sure how long I would be able to attend her classes. I could barely lie down without suffering in pain. Through Donna’s instruction to balance, stretch, move and breathe, my body took on a whole new chapter. I would highly recommend these classes for anyone, especially with back issues. No more Doctors, no more medications, and no more pain!   I look forward to seeing Donna every week because through her classes I am stronger, happier and healthier”
Susan Knight
Kingston, ON
“After being away from fitness for a couple of years due to illness I was having trouble deciding how to start back into it.  A friend mentioned Pilates to me and I took my first class at Innertouch Pilates.  The class I take is a therapy class for people returning  to fitness.  I am pleased to say it has been a perfect match for my abilities at this time.  I am confident that it is in this class I will be able to return to my former level of fitness.  When I do, I’m pleased to say that Innertouch Pilates also offers more challenging classes. The classes are well thought out and the Instructor Donna well trained.  Having never tried Pilates before I am very excited to have found something that is fun, challenges the whole body safely, and at a pace that fits my comfort level on any given day.  Thank you Donna for your excellent instruction and assistance.”
Linda Clifford
Kingston, ON
“This is one, if not the best forms of  exercise for anyone. It is so much easier on the joints and the stretching is amazing! Your body will love this  workout. Donna is so amazing and knowledgeable about every bone and muscle in the body, and works you at a very nice pace, and makes it so much fun. The hour goes by so fast, and your not sore at all. Your body feels so rejuvenated.”
Philippa Fugler
Kingston, ON
“As I grow older I have discovered that strengthening and stretching are vital to aging well.  Donna’s classes safely lead you through exercises to improve your posture, core strength and flexibility.  I am stronger, stand straighter and more comfortable since starting Pilates.  It is an enjoyable way to feeling your best.”
Annette Richardson
Kingston, ON
“I’ve been taking pilates classes with Donna at innertouch Pilates 

 for about 2 years now and I absolutely love them!! I look forward to my twice weekly classes and feel amazing after each one! Donna is a wonderful, patient, engaged and positive trainer! She has a small, intimate studio which allows her to give you one on one attention and guidance, when needed! She participates fully in each class so you always have her as a guide to follow along with! I have gained strength, flexibility and more confidence as a result of pilates.  I adore going and highly recommend it to anyone looking to incorporate something physical into their life :)”

Sheila Diguer
Kingston, ON
“A dear friend of mine has been urging me to take pilates for years. Finally, I listened and enrolled in Donna’s Therapeutic Pilates and I am very happy that I did. Besides being upbeat and pleasant, Donna is very knowledgeable about the human body and loves to ease our pain with stretching just the right muscles and strengthening our core. She has a well equipped studio and we are never bored with her classes as they are always different. I am so relaxed at the end of each class and grateful that I went. I have to say that this is the first class that I have ever taken that I don’t feel like watching the clock. (and I have taken many different exercise classes in my day) They are never boring and times flies by. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone.”
Roxanne Evans
Kingston, ON
“Donna is both a professional and personable instructor.  She really knows her stuff.  As a newcomer, I have appreciated her patience.  She offers easier activity options for newcomers.  Her favourite phrase:  “when you are ready…”   keeps welcoming and supporting the newer participants.  In the same class, the experienced people are offered more challenging versions of the same activities.  Thus, everyone is working on the same things – just at a different pace and intensity level.  This combined with the small class size allows for individual instruction and you can’t get better than that.”