Happy Wellness Wednesday Everyone!

Donna here, I am back from my mini maternity leave and excited to share another Wellness Wednesday message with you.  In efforts of keeping up with my new little one I have decided to cut back on my Wellness Wednesday blogs to twice a month instead of every Wednesday.

So what am I sharing with you today? Ways to speed up your metabolism!

But first, why am I talking about speeding up your metabolism?

When it comes to weight loss, there is so much conflicting advice about what to eat, when to eat it, and how big your meals should be. Six small meals a day or intermittent fasting? Low-fat or paleo? I’ve spent years sifting through the science, working with many clients, and cutting out the hype to discover what really works.

Here are my metabolism-boosting shortcuts: what and when I eat in a day and why it works!

1. Eat within one to two hours of waking.

Breakfast determines the metabolic pace of your day. If you wait too long to eat your first meal, it can crash your metabolism and send your blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride. And when you skip breakfast altogether, you end up hungry, crabby, and craving sugar. Soon good judgment goes out the window, and you’re reaching for the nearest muffin or sugary pastry!

2. No snacking between meals.

Forget everything you’ve heard about eating six small meals a day—it’s essentially scheduled snacking! Eating every few hours or snacking between meals sets you up to be a sugar burner, especially if you’re eating carbs. Every time you put something in your mouth, your insulin levels spike. That sets off a cascade of hunger and stress hormones. Among the harmful effects, it signals your body to store unwanted fat, especially around your waist.

To become a fat burner, go four to six hours between meals. The key is to include what I like to call the “satiety trifecta” in every meal. (“Satiety” is the medical term for feeling full.) Adding fiber, healthy fats, and clean protein to your plate will ensure you feel fuller longer every time. The only exception to the four-to-six-hour rule is when you work out.

3. Give yourself a 12- to 14-hour overnight fast.

The health and weight loss space has been buzzing about intermittent fasting (IF) lately. Potential health benefits from fasting include improved immune function, increased growth hormone, more energy, and fat loss. Unfortunately, there are some cons to IF if you have issues with your adrenals, stress, fertility, or blood sugar balance. I’ve also found women to be more sensitive to skipping meals than men. So obviously, IF is not for everyone.

My solution? Give yourself a 12- to 14-hour overnight fast to reap the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting without the drawbacks. You can easily accomplish this by closing the kitchen after dinner (at least three hours before bedtime), then having breakfast within one to two hours of waking.

4. Drink a TON of water.

A refreshing glass of ice water can boost your metabolism up to 30 percent and lower your appetite. That means sipping on H2O between meals can bust your snacking habit and help you get to the four-to-six-hour eating schedule faster. Studies have shown that even 1 to 2 percent dehydration can increase stress hormones, cause moodiness, fatigue, memory issues, and headaches. So, if you’re suffering from an energy crash or struck with cravings, grab some water and see how it makes you feel.

Even with water, timing is important: Avoid drinking 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after, so you don’t dilute the digestive enzymes you need to break down your meal and absorb nutrients! Also, remember to stay away from those toxic plastic bottles, and stick with filtered water only.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help clients attain their health and wellness goals, giving them curated information rather than too much which often overwhelms us.

Email me now to schedule a time to talk with me about your health and wellness goals.

To your health!