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Boutique Style Studio

innertouch offers a customised approach that delivers a high level of sensitivity and awareness to each member, all with a wellness approach.  I am passionately committed to empowering you to feel stronger, healthier and happier; one Pilates session at a time. As a private boutique, I differentiate from a standard fitness gym or generic pilates studio because I operate from a “quality of experience” focus versus a pure volume model like other clubs and  large studios. innertouch was established as an intimate Pilates studio, with world-class customer service and attention to detail. Once you have joined you are forever part of our community.

innertouch group classes take place in a small studio setting where you and 7-10 friends/members get the most personalised class and attention.  Classes tailored to your needs and requests!

  • Joyful movements
  • Personalised classes with 1 on 1 attention
  • Fun, non-intimidating atmosphere
  • Never the same workout twice
  • Release your inner stress, build your inner core, inner strength, inner balance, achieve your inner potential 

Every Body Welcome!

At innertouch all equipment is provided for you, including a very comfy mat . Adding variety, fun, and challenge.

Pilates, Conditioning the Body, Mind and Soul

BODY: Imagine your body free of strains and pains, with all its elements re-aligned and enhanced for a balanced and coherent wholeness. Your body is like a set of building blocks that can sometimes slide out of alignment. These blocks can often shift to one side and tilt forward or back, our classes will help restore the body to its optimal alignment. Executing exercise with deliberate focus on form in a slow controlled manner rather than doing multiple repetitions with sloppier form. My goal is to help you become the tallest and strongest version of yourself.

REACH your inner potential

MIND: Imagine your mind strengthened and sharpened; freed of pains from worn rusty joints and unconscious yet damaging compensations that routine modern living imposes. Pilates movements and exercises are designed to reset our minds, start fresh thoughts and focus on making the connection with our body. By practising Pilates we learn to still the mind and to forget the outside world for a moment. During our practice we become aware of our structure from within and appreciate what that structure can do when properly connected with our minds.  Now we are creating connection between the mind and body, recognizing the accomplishment that the two components can achieve. We are now in charge, strong, powerful, and confident.

BALANCE your life, find your inner peace!

SOUL: Imagine your soul soothed by an unfolding of our latent potential, towards supple mechanics that improve at any ages revitalised knees, back, and neck that make your sleeping, walking, standing, and sitting more at ease through time.

STRETCH your mind, awaken your inner resilience. 

Welcome to innertouch.